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Alternator VW Kaefer, Bettle 1.3 TRANSPORTER 1.6, 043903023A

Alternator VW Kaefer, Bettle 1.3 TRANSPORTER 1.6, 043903023A
Alternator VW Kaefer, Bettle 1.3 TRANSPORTER 1.6, 043903023A
OEM No/Model:

059903015F 059903015G 059903015GX 06C903016 06C903

Minimum Order:


Export Ratio:

81% - 90%

Unit Price:


Quality Certificate:




Place of Region:

Made in China

Payment Terms:


Price Terms:


Delivery Port:


Delivery Time:

30-45 days

Market Type:

After Market


Neutral export box

Current Export Market:

North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Mid East,Africa,Oceania

Product Details

Product Name:

Alternator VW Kaefer, Bettle 1.3 TRANSPORTER 1.6, 043903023A


AUDI A6 2.4L (2.8L PASSAT B5 2.8 V6)

Product Description:

We supply following V.W. alternators:

VW   BOSCH:0124315001 0124315013 0124315032 0124325001 0124325101 0124325131 VW Audi/Bora/Golf/Polo 12V 90A
VW 028903025G 028903025P 030903023A 030903023B 030903023C 030903023D 030903023E 030903023F WAI:1-1808-01BO 1-2764-01BO BOSCH:0120485036 0123114005 0123320002 0123320006 0123340002 0986038380  LESTER:13606 13605  A6786 AL0187X SEAT Toledo I, VW Golf Passat polo '91-'04 12V 90A
VW 028903018A WAI:1-2764-01BO VALEO:436443 SKODA JATTA GOLF 12V 90A
VW 028903025Q 037903023E  WAI: 1-1539-02BO BOSCH:0120485038 0120485043 0120485044 0123310001 0123310003 0123310019 0123310024 0123310032 0123310035 0123315002 0123315006 0123320001 0123320005 0123320007 0123320017 0123320019 0123320024 0123320032 0123340003 LESTER:13381  VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, FORD, PORSCHE, BMW PO/GO3/VE/PA/CO/CA/T4 (2002-95) VW Cabrio 2.0L (1995-93) VW Eurovan 2.5L (1999-93) VW Golf, Jetta 2.0L (1997-93) VW Passat 1.9L (Diesel) (1996) VW Passat 2.0L  12V 110A
VW   BOSCH:0120485043 SKODA JATTA AUDI 12V 90A
VW 037903023G 028903018AX VALEO:439003 DELCO:DRA3269  SEAT VW  FORD  JALAXY 12V 90A
VW 059903015F 059903015G 059903015GX 06C903016 06C903016A 078903016F 078903016H BOSCH:0124325019 0124515028 0124515040 069903016 0986044330 0124515058 LUCAS:LRA01987 LRA02082 LRA1987 LRA2082 VALEO:2542233C 2542324 437173 437358 439260 SG12B011 SG12B025 SG12B054 LESTER:CA1549 AUDI A6 2.4L/2.8L PASSAT B5  2.8 V6  12V 120A 
VW 028903029B  028903029E 028903031 028903031A 038903018Q  BOSCH:0124515026 0124325018 0124325049 0124515083 0986041870 0986042830 LUCAS:LRA01865 LRA1865 LRB00518 LRB518 VALEO:2542234A 2542239B 2542508D 2842239 2842239B 437341 436444 439328 SG12B012 SG12B049 SG9B017 LESTER:CA1394IR DELCO:DRB1870 JETTA DIESE  1.9L   POLO  1.6L  12V 120A
VW 028903028C 021903017B 037903023F 028903025S BOSCH:0123325005 FORD:95VW10300GA A13VI293 VALEO:437369 2542584 AUDI FORD SKODA VAG VW 12V 120A
VW 074903025J 074903025R BOSCH:0124515013 0124515068 0986041890 FIAT/MARELLI:MAR5641 LUCAS:LRA01948 LRA1948 VALEO:437661 AUDI FORD SKODA VAG VW  12V 120A
VW 058903016M                                                       038903018E                                                             078903016E VALEO:439261 LESTER:CA1394IR CA1546IR PASSAT B5 AUDIA4  SKODA 12V 90A
VW 058903016 058903016A 058903016B 058903016E 058903018 058903018A BOSCH:0123310022 0123310044 0123320016 0123320052 0986039550 0986040340 LUCAS:LRB00253 LRB00254 LRB253 LRB254 VALEO:2541646C 2541856A 436640 439069 A13VI138 A13VI156 SANTANA 2000/3000 12V 90A
VW 028903018F VALEO:437477 437479 DELCO:DRB0940 NEW JETA 12V 90A
VW 058903016M 06B903016B 06B903016E 038903018F VALEO:437316 PASSAT B5 2.0L/1.8L/1.8T ADUI A4 A6 1.8L/1.8T 12V 120A
VW 058903016M 038903018E 078903016E VALEO:439261 PASSAT B5 AUDIA4  SKODA 12V 90A
VW 037903025T 037903025C 026A903026A VALEO:437399 SEAT SKODA LUPO POLO 1.4L 12V 90A
VW 028903028D 030903023J 038903018P WAI:1-2520-01BO BOSCH:0124325003 443113517213 VALEO:436291 DELCO:DRB1500 VW Beetle, Jetta, Golf '98-02 12V 90A
VW 037903025E BOSCH:0124315004 VALEO:436291 AUDIA3 SKODA NEW BITTLE  POLO BORA 1.9T GOLF    12V 70A
VW 330903015 026903016T  LESTER:CA320IR  DELCO:DRA4160 BOSCH:0120463003 SANTANA    JETTA   ADUI  100  12V 90A
VW 03D903025J   VW AUDI SKODA 12V 90A
VW 03D903025 037903025M 047902015H BOSCH:0124315005  LUCAS:LRB60481 VALEO:437170 VW Polo 1.6 /Polo 1.4 16V SEAT Arosa 1.0/Cordoba 1.0  12V 02A
VW 038903018 021903025J 074903025K BOSCH:0124325004 VALEO:2542244 VW AUDI SKODA   12V 90A
VW 5XD903025   VW AUDI SKODA  GOL   12V 90A 
VW 03C903028  03C903023B  03C903028BX  03C903028D BOSCH:0124325044  0124325095  0124325128 VALEO:2542695 VW LAVIDA SKODA POLO 12V 110A
VW 06B903016AA 06B903016AB 06B903016AC 06B903016AE 06B903016AF 06B903016P 06B903016Q 06B903016S  BOSCH:0124515059 0124525009 0124615009 0986044910 0986046160 0986046180 LUCAS:LRA02115 LRA02255 LRA02256 LRA2115 LRA2255 LRA2256 VALEO:2542494A 2542494B 2542509 2542509C 2542738 2542738A 2542738AB 439889 AUDI A4 '02-'06 12V 140A
VW 06F903023C BOSCH:0124525066 VALEO:439489 436363 436364 A11V121 DELCO:DRB5340 VW AUDI TOURAN SKODA 12V 140A
VW   BOSCH:0123310002 0120485034 0120315001 0986038070 VALEO:436184 SKODA JATTA GOLF   12V 70A
VW 043903023A 043903023AX 043903023B 043903023C 043903023CX 043903023D 043903023DX 043903023G WAI1-1386-01BO BOSCH:0120489565 0120489566 0120489583 0120489584 0986031120 9120080122 LUCAS:LRA00154 LRA154 VALEO:436184 8AL2003 8AR2064 LESTER:13080 VW Kaefer, Bettle 1300 1.3 TRANSPORTER 1.6 '75-'79 12V 55A/75A
VW 012310005 021903025B  WAI:1-1538-01BO VW Golf Jetta Passat Corrado '93-98 12V 120A

Alternator VW Kaefer, Bettle 1.3 TRANSPORTER 1.6, 043903023A
Alternator VW Kaefer, Bettle 1.3 TRANSPORTER 1.6, 043903023A

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